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Sudan Rume – Colombia

Every once in a while, our team will come across a coffee so beautiful that it leaves us in awe. As if time stopped the first time we tasted it; even if only for a moment. Sudan Rume is that coffee. A coffee that when you taste it, challenges your understanding and will widen your perspective of what is possible in coffee. Nuanced with high fruit intensity, stunning florality, and complex acidity this is one of the highest-scoring lots we’ve secured, but more importantly it presents exceptional aromas and flavours in the final cup.

This rare and exclusive nano lot coffee scores over 90 points on the cupping table. Sudan Rume is a grandfather coffee varietal that is exploding with Strawberry Jam, Wild Flower, Fresh Pine, and Lasting Deep Chocolate Aftertaste which makes it an absolute delight to brew.

Native to the Boma Plateau, South East of the Republic of Sudan; this coffee was found in the intertropical forests of East Africa before making its way to Colombia under the patronage and care of Café Granja LaEsperanza.

Our naturally processed Sudan Rume is grown at Finca Las Margaritas between 1700-1800 meters above sea level where it gets a chance to mature in favorable conditions. Cherries are strictly hand-picked and then fermented for 36 hours in customized steel tanks without additional water. These tanks are not hermetically sealed and allow for a faster fermentation of the cherries; although the temperature of the tank is controlled at 30 C in order to promote microbial activity. Once fermentation is complete, coffees are moved to a mechanical dryer for 48 hours and where temperature is kept constant at 40C for 48 hours. Finally, these Sudan Rumelotis are placed on raised beds in the sun where they spend 15 days slow drying until they reach the desired residual humidity of 10.5%. After the removal of the final layer of parchment, this nano-lot coffee is vacuum-packed in 5kg bags and prepared for export.

Our team planted two Sudan Rume trees during our visit to @cafegranjalaesperanza and we look forward to receiving their harvest three years from now.

Do not miss this rare nano lot coffee, that was discovered on ancient lands, that once were native to Egypt. Rethink your understanding of coffee.

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