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Coffee is the seed of a tropical fruit, it comes from beautiful places, and people. This is a collection of images captured on film from our trips to secure some of the world’s tastiest coffee.

Any roaster dreams of flying to origin and buying green coffee. As an African coffee roaster, sourcing coffee directly from Africa is a serious privilege we were never prepared to ignore. So when the chance came up to head to Ethiopia in January 2021 we immediately seized the opportunity. 

Ethiopia’s significance lies in its proximity to origin. From its nickname as the cradle of civilization, to being home to one of the primary tributaries to the river Nile, or being forever intertwined with the discovery of Arabica Coffee, Ethiopia; like our own, Egypt is a home to many firsts.

Enjoy this gallery of photos captured of 35mm film taken throughout our first trip to origin sourcing Egypt’s first directly traded specialty coffees from Sidamo, Ethiopia.

One of the most revered producers in Colombia, and on barista competition stages across the world, our team was honoured to visit in October 2021 and to collaborate with Café Granja La Esperanza bringing their elegant high-end lots to Egypt for the first time.

Five farms make up Café Granja La Esperanza – Cerro Azul, Las Margaritas, La Esperanza, Potosi and Hawaii. Cerro Azul and La Esperanza are located in the municipality of Trujillo, Las Margaritas and Potosi are in Caicedonia and Hawaii is in Sasaima, Cundinamarca.

On our visit this past year to the Granja team in Valle del Cauca, we got a chance to try and fall in love with a wide range of their lots which we’ve been excited to serve on our bars across Cairo.

Enjoy this gallery footage captured on 35 mm film during our time with Café Granja.

Panama is a small coffee producing nation in South America that has left a dramatic impact on coffee history. Its unique topography, altitudes and positioning allow for several microclimates on the same farm; creating unique conditions and terror for growing fine coffees. The Geisha varietal from Panama has consistently broken glass ceilings and has become notorious for exuding complex flavours, florals and acidity and winning top dollar at exclusive coffee auctions from buyers worldwide.

In September 2021 our team visited Panama in order to understand further the phenomenon of the Panama, Geisha and we were hosted by Willem Boot a pioneer and respected voice in the coffee industry. There we got to experience the cloud forests of Boquete, Volcan and experience first hand the marvel of Panamanian coffee.

Enjoy this gallery taken on 35 mm film during our visit.

How Two Brothers Are Changing Egypt’s Relationship with Coffee

In a corner of Arkan Plaza in El Sheikh Zayed City, on the westside of Greater Cairo, sits a haven for lovers of good quality coffee.Nestled in between a number of other premises of locally-owned small businesses, Specialty Būn is a tiny place, but bursting with character. The coffee bar – topped with a glossy black machine, a two-foot-high grinder, and a subtle brownish-gold Marshall speaker – is the main eye-catcher, but not the only one.

We see coffee as an opportunity….. in cooperation with CNN Inside Africa.

We see coffee as an opportunity for the extraordinary in the ordinary and aim to inspire others always see the extraordinary in their lives.
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