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The opportunity for the ordinary in the extraordinary

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We source our coffees from real people, with real farms, putting in an extraordinary effort to pursue quality in their agricultural products this ensures high levels of traceability.

Our team of Certified Q-Graders has tasted countless coffee crops from around the world in order to arrive at the eloquent selection in our shop.

Our coffee is roasted in small batches    (10 kg maximum) and shipped to you directly from our roaster.

Each coffee we serve, whether a house blend or a new micro-lot is tasted at least 20 times by our team before it is delivered to you.

Daily Drinker Subscription 
Single Origin Subscription
Microlot Subscription

Cairo Coffee Collective Subscription

Follow your taste buds and discover unique coffees by subscribing to any of our new coffee subscriptions below:
Daily Drinker Subscription 
Receive a rotating assortment of sweet and approachable coffees suitable for all palettes and tastes.
Single Origin Subscription
Receive a rotating selection of delicious bright and balanced coffees representative of their origin characteristics.
Microlot Subscription
Receive a rotating range of unique and nuanced coffees that present beautifully in the cup with high intensity and complex characteristics.
Coffee Specific Subscription
Have a favourite coffee? Subscribe to it and never run out.
As a Cairo Coffee Collective subscriber; a delicious, expertly crafted, regular supply of freshly roasted coffee for you is a priority. In pursuit of excellent coffee, our team travels the world sharing stories of Egypt's place in the tale of coffee. By sharing Egypt's history in coffee and the story of our partners at origin, we unlock the finest; most delicious harvests some of the most dedicated coffee producers around the world can offer. We trade based on mutual respect; we roast with a sense for tradition and craft, and we bring to you an overwhelming appreciation of the daily miracles we are blessed with everyday from our home in Cairo, Egypt. Join us in appreciating some of Coffee's finest moments, carefully curated in Cairo, Egypt


Getting excellent coffee at home has never been easier. Select the coffee you’d like to receive. Choose the delivery frequency. There’s no obligation and you can change your subscription at anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Excellent Coffee. No Gimmicks. 

What benefits do I get as a subscriber?

The ultimate convenience of freshly roasted coffee is delivered to your door. Cairo Coffee Collective subscribers receive complimentary shipping, samples of new coffees, and exclusive access to Cairo Coffee Collective events.

What should I subscribe to?

It really depends on what you like! Our Single Origin Subscription is our most popular selection. With big range of coffees, our diverse drinkers can travel the world through coffee. If you are interested in more familiar and classic coffees, we recommend you try our Blend subscription that features our unique blends.

Maybe you have  a favourite  Cairo Coffee Collective coffee. In that case you can select a subscription for a specific coffee and flavor profile that you enjoy. No matter what you choose, after your first shipment, your dynamic subscription can be changed at any time.

Can I change my subscription?

Of course, you can!  We want our subscription to be suitable for your consumption. When you subscribe you are committing to the first shipment. From there on our subscription is dynamic and can be easily updated, changed or even cancelled any time through your account.

Are your coffees fair trade certified?

We source our coffees directly from groups of producers that we have worked with consistently over time. Through this, we build long-lasting relationships and a premium for quality specialty coffee. Our prices are at least equivalent to Fair Trade prices and in most cases much higher.