Cairo Coffee Collective

Cairo Coffee Collective Hand Grinder x Barista Space

6.000 EGP

Our team decided to support and sell the Barista Space Hand Grinder after years of testing out different manual grinders and finding the best value in this one. Members of our team went on a 4 month road trip throughout the African subcontinent once upon a time and only brought this grinder as a coffee brewing apparatus and it not only survived the journey but consistently ground coffee for groups of travelers without failing. It is compact, consistent and extremely efficient when grinding coffee.

Key features include:

– Stainless steel burrs that are durable and do not heat up during the grinding process
– Stable axis
– Versatile grinding settings (from Moka Pot to Filter to French Press)
– Company (only 12 cm tall)

Available with the English or Arabic Cairo Coffee Collective wordmark.


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