Cairo Coffee Collective

Brazil – Mogiana (Espresso)

Sourced directly from our partners in Brazil, FAF Coffees, which our green bean buying team visited for the first time last year, Mogiana presents pronounced apricot and delicate cream notes with an undeniably sweet aftertaste.

Grown 300 km north of São Paulo the mountainous Mogiana region is reminiscent of the French Countryside or Northern California; if you do not consider its tropical flare. This region is recognized by its warm days and cool nights which are ideal for the development of sugars in the coffee beans. At cooler evening temperatures the coffee tree effectively goes to sleep; which means it is not consuming the sugars it has developed through photosynthesis during the day in order to maintain its plant functions; allowing for more glucose to be available in the cherry when it ripens. High sweetness and dense creamy body are principal characteristics of coffees from Mogiana; both of which hold true in our offering.

Enjoy this beautiful coffee as a distinct espresso, or with milk.

Altitude: 1200-1340 MASL
Harvest: September 2021
Varietal: Catuaí
Process: Natural

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250 Grams

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