Cairo Coffee Collective

Colombia – La Esperanza

One of the most revered producers in Colombia, and on Barista competition stages across the world, our team is proud to collaborate with Café Granja La Esperanza bringing their elegant high-end lots to Egypt for the first time.

On our visit this past year to the Granja team in Valle del Cauca, we got a chance to try and fall in love with their La Esperanza lot. This Colombia and Caturra varietal naturally processed lot is exploding with red fruit, herbal and chocolate notes that are distinctive to exceptional Colombian coffees.

This Café Granja lot is named after the Trujillo based farm in which it is grown La Esperanza which translates to ‘hope’.


Enjoy this spectacular lot as a filter brew daily, rest assured it will leave you with a lingering after taste that will keep you smiling for the remainder of your day.

Altitude: 1430 – 1760 masl

Varietal: Colombia & Caturra

Process: Natural

Notes: Cherry, Hibiscus, Dark Chocolate

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250 Grams

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