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Ethiopia – Yirgacheffe

800 EGP

Yirgacheffe often referred to as the crown jewel of coffee producing regions in Ethiopia and is known for producing distinctively floral and fruit forward coffees. The lot we secured this year is no different. Bursting with florality reminiscent of rose oil, juicy cherry and strawberry flavours, a bright, yet balanced acidity and a silky texture; this coffee is an avant-garde espresso. Have it straight or with a touch of milk, and watch it change in character, tasting like strawberry cheese cake!

This coffee comes from our partners at Moplaco who work with over 400 smallholder producers to produce complex and floral coffees that are outstanding examples of what Yirgacheffe can be. Yirgacheffe has six different micro-regions called ‘woredas’; meaning coffees from Gedeb Bule, Dilla, Zuria, Kochere and Wenago are all considered Yirgacheffe coffee. Coffees throughout this region are known for bursting stone fruits, malic acidity, beautiful florals and astonishing sweetness. Both washed and natural coffees come from Yirgacheffe, and we have a few different micro-lots we are excited to share with you all yearlong!

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