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Colombia – Mandela

Mandela is an absolute fruit bomb of a coffee bursting with Red Grape, Mango and Chocolate notes. Its unique and intense flavour, coupled with its jammy body make it an absolute treat on filter. This self-pollinated coffee comes from a long line of breeding between Caturra, Timor Hybrids and Ethiopian landrace varietals that have provided us with a strong tree that is resistant to pests and leaf rust yet has access to a symphony of flavours that we develop during roasting and unlock during brewing.

This coffee comes from Cafe Granja La esperanza’s Potosi farm located in Caicedonia and is a great example of what leading producers create in their pursuit of unique and high yielding quality coffee trees.

Municipality: Trujillo

Altitude: 1.430-1.760 masl

Harvest: September 2021

Process: Hybrid Mechanical & Sun Drying with 36 hr in-tank fermentation

Notes: Red Grape, Mango, Chocolate


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250 Grams

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