Cairo Coffee Collective

Colombia – Tres Dragones

One of the most revered producers in Colombia, and on Barista competition stages across the world, our team is proud to collaborate with Café Granja La Esperanza bringing their elegant high-end lots to Egypt for the first time.

On our visit this past year to the Granja team, immediately Tres Dragones stood out as an exceptional lot. This coffee is loaded with tropical fruit flavors, dark chocolate notes, and a sparkling acidity that is reminiscent of ripe mangosteen!

This Colombia varietal coffee gets its name from three furnaces that are used to blow hot air in order to dry these naturally processed coffees after their fermentation; hence the name Tres Dragones (three dragons).

Enjoy this stellar brew day in and day out, a great example of exceptional Colombian coffee.

Altitude: 1400 – 2000 MASL
Harvest: September 2021
Process: Hybrid Natural
Notes: Lychee, Berries, Mangosteen, Fine Dark Chocolate, Complex Acidity

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