Cairo Coffee Collective

Drip Coffee Bag Box

600 EGP

Specialty coffee made easy.

Enjoy these one-time use filter coffee bags without the need for fancy brewing equipment. All you will need is a boiler and a cup!

Brazil Sertao is a classic profile coffee with all the comfort flavours you would want in a daily drinker. You can expect milk chocolate, roasted almond and sweet brown sugar notes in your cup!

Ethiopia Kaffaa is a fruit forward profile coffee with juicy stone fruit, florality and a. Sweet caramel finish that make it an absolute delight to drink throughout the day.

Brewing Instructions:

  1. Open drip bag and extend handles to fit cup
  2. Wait 1 minute after boiling water
  3. Pour into drip bag to filling point two and a half fills.
  4. For stronger coffee, fill only twice. For lighter coffee, fill three times.
  5. Enjoy!

Each box contains 10 single serve sachets.

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Coffee Origin

Colombia – Las Cascadas

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