Cairo Coffee Collective

Mawlid Box

700 EGP

In celebration of the Blessed Month of Rabi’ Al Awwal, we are honored to produce Mawlid Box Volume III for the year 1444 AH.

We found it particularly fitting to officially present our first Yemeni coffee during the Blessed Mawlid, as the first recorded gatherings of coffee consumption, in Yemen, were beyond reasonable doubt gatherings in celebration of the Subject of The Mawlid, Blessings & Saultions Upon Him & His Household.

From Him, Peace & Blessings Upong Him & His Household we learn that “Wisdom is Yemeni, Faith is Yemeni” and we continue to hear His Invocation for its people “O Allah Bless Our Yemen”.

With the release of Mawlid Box Vol III we bring glad tidings to all lovers of Yemeni Specialty coffee.

A new chapter is being written for this pedigree-laden industry, and we look forward to continuing to share its pages through the coffees we source directly from our neighbour across the pond, Yemen.

In this set two unique coffees from Mount Haraz, sourced directly through Mr. Ahmed El Murry who we had the privilege to host many times at our facility to taste the coffees together. Hardwork, preseverance, patience, trust and a good portion of serendipity all went into the creation of this Mawild Box Volume III, available exclusively during Rabi’ Al Awwal.

May this year’s Mawlid shine its light bright unto you and your loved ones.

125 Grams for each Jar

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