Cairo Coffee Collective

Pourigami™ Dripper x MiiR

The Pourigami™ is the worlds’ smallest, durable and portable award winning coffee dripper. Made up of three thin stainless-steel pieces that can be quickly and easily interlocked to create a coffee set up that can fit in your back pocket. A game changer. Never compromise the quality of your brew, even on the go.


Makes single cup pour over

Small – 6.2cm x 12.7cm x 2.4mm unassembled, weighs 4oz

Durable – 18/8 medical grade stainless steel

Portable – includes storage case with room for filters

Easy assembly – check @cairocoffeecollective on IG for the assembly video

Hardshell™ powder coat

Easy to clean – use with Bar Keeper’s Friend for best results

BPA free – no Bad Plastic Awfulness (or Bisphenol A) here


V60 paper filters are sold separately


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