Cairo Coffee Collective

Test Roast – Brazil

This is a coffee that was sourced directly by Cairo Coffee Collective. It is specialty coffee; the farmers were paid the same price as our seasonal offerings, the coffees were cared for, handled & stored as carefully as all of our specialty coffees. However the high-quality flavors we seek & enjoy in specialty coffee require very limited tolerances in the production process. In Test Roast, these delicious coffees, were roasted by our skilled craftsmen & women, on our 12 KG Probat, however the roasts did not meet our standards on the cupping table. These roasts are still much better than cheap supermarket coffee roasted & ground many months ago- they went through the same specialty processes, however to imperfect results- hence the price reduction. This is a product you can ask us to grind for you. Note: The beans can be a blend of different coffee, but will respect the origin mentioned on the label.

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1000 Grams

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