Cairo Coffee Collective

TIMEMORE Coffee Dripper

  • Quality and Durability: Made from premium, durable, food-safe PCTG, our coffee pour-over is unbreakable and shatterproof. Plus, it’s free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates, so you can feel good about using it every day.
  • Inner Wall Concave Rib: The inner wall of this pour over coffee dripper adopts a concave groove design, ensures a closer fit with the filter paper, and fully extracts the coffee essence.
  • Smoother Permeability: TIMEMORE glass coffee dripper has a large hole in the bottom which keeps the flow moving faster so that the water is not in contact with the beans for too long, you don’t have to worry about the over-extraction of slow water-flow.
  • V-Shaped Design: Our V-shaped conical design allows the coffee powder to pile higher, prolonging the contact time with water and making it easy to fully infuse the coffee.
  • Fits Most Cups and Carafes: These coffee dripper comes with a base stand which is detachable. The nonslip flat base of our coffee filter enables it to be used to brew coffee into a variety of utensils, including a coffee thermos with a narrow opening, or a standard coffee cup or mug.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


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