Cairo Coffee Collective

Brazil – Carmo Peaberry

From the rolling hills of Carmo de Minas, we are proud to share this special natural Peaberry from our direct relationship with family-owned coffee producer Carmo Coffee. This incredibly sweet, coffee is full of creamy milk chocolate notes and offers an excellent daily drinker which we have enjoyed on filter.

Most coffee cherries contain two seeds (beans), Peaberry is a natural mutation where one of the two seeds does not develop; and so only one seed fills the entire space. This allows for the one seed to receive full nutrition from the plant allowing for the possibility of more potential for sweetness in a Peaberry. There are of course other factors that play into the final profile of your coffee, including farming methods, terroir, weather conditions, harvesting practices; not to mention roasting practices, and brewing methods. But this does not take away from the rarity that only less than 10% of coffee cherries grow as Peaberry.

Enjoy brewing this genetic anomaly of a coffee just as we have enjoyed sourcing it, cupping it, roasting it, brewing it, and presenting it to you.

Altitude: 1000 – 1300 MASL
Harvest: September 2021
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Natural

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250 Grams

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