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This Eid, we have prepared a processing spectacle from our partners in Ethiopia. Apart from the triple threat Honey Shekas, we have a coffee two countries can claim: A Kenyan Style Sidamo.

Our first microlot release from Ethiopia this season hails from the region of Sheka. In southwestern Ethiopia lies the Kawo Kamina farm where these delicate coffees were grown and processed. After multiple experiments, the expert hands growing these exceptional coffees found that the coffees of Masha, Sheka, performed very well with honey processing.

Honey processing is a versatile technique that neither involves bees nor bears. The ‘honey’ in this process is actually the sweet nectar that exists between the cherry husk and the parchment on the coffee bean.

After being picked ripe and floated for floaters, a honey coffee is carefully hulled (peeled) but is not washed. The resulting product is parchment soaking with sticky mucilage. Based on the vision of the processor, the parchment is left to soak in the sweet mucilage under the sun for a period of time before it is washed and finally hulled again to reveal the ‘honey’-soaked green beans ready for roasting. The less time with the mucilage, the lighter the color of the parchment-and so the names. White for a honey process that is closer to a washed coffee; and black for an extended period under the sun. Enjoy these limited edition delicacies together from the wild forests of Sheka at home or @specialtybun before they run out!

The second part of our process-forward release is inspired by a world-renowned coffee origin. Coffees from Kenya need no introduction for any self-respecting coffee lover. Apart from the rich volcanic soil and the SL-28 varietal (the daughter of a Sudan Rume cross), Kenyan coffees are famous for their “double” washing of their coffees which leads to the distinctly unique acidities of Kenyan coffees.

Sidamo coffees are easily among the most recognizable names in coffee for their high altitude and heirloom varietals. A Kenyan style processing of the otherwise washed or natural fruit bomb sidamos gives us a delicate yet powerful interpretation of a coffee we can’t get enough of. With notes of Jasmine, Lychee, plum & loads of subtle complexities, can you blame us?

With only 200 microlot sets, don’t miss the start of our Ethiopia release!

Eid Mubarak

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