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Cerro Azul Geisha – Colombia

Cerro Azul Geisha showcases aromatic white florals and crisp citrus fruits its delicate nature provides a very tea-like quality that is indicative of high-end coffee lots. Finca Cerro Azul offers several distinct microclimates throughout the year which allow for the development of a complex cup in the crop. Café Granja’s team is driven by a combination of science, business and an obsession with quality and this coffee is an expression of their drive.

To plant geisha at Finca Cerro Azul multiple locations and conditions were considered; and the Granja team decided on an elevated foothill in the Western Mountain range of the farm whose Barloventos side receives a warm, minerally sea breeze that blows from the Pacific Ocean. The opposing face, Sotaventos, rises in front of the wide Valle (Valley) de Cauca and transforms the breeze into intermittent cloudiness.

This coffee undergoes a thorough processing where it is fermented as a whole cherry for 22 hours, followed by a second fermentation in its parchment for 35 hours. After this the coffee is fully washed and mechanically dried to a final humidity of 10.5% after which point its ready for packaging into 24 kg vacuum sealed packages for export.

We hope you enjoy drinking this coffee, half as much as we enjoyed sourcing and roasting it for you.

We only secured a small lot of this incredibly rare coffee, enjoy it while it’s here.

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125 Grams

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