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Ethiopia – Djimma

Djimma is a region in Southwest Ethiopia that is known for its high altitudes and exceptionally juicy coffees. Our washed lot show cases some of these classic washed process Ethiopian flavours including juicy candied apricots, sweet milk chocolate coupled with a bright acidity, a toffee-like finish all in a very full body. This is a very fun and adventurous espresso that tip toes the line between fruit forward and sugar browning cup very well. Enjoy it black or with milk!

The washed process this exquisite coffee goes through begins with coffee cherries delivered to the washing station from small holder farmers in the region. Cherries are inspected and an initial round of hand sorting separates defective cherries before placing them to be de-pulped. Coffees are then fermented in an open water tank for 24 hours, and this phase is crucial to flavour development as yeasts and microbes break down the sticky mucilage layer found on the outside of the bean. After fermentation the parchment is emptied into washing channels where it is agitated with rakes to ensure it is clean and ready for drying in the sun on raised African beds.

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