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Ethiopia – Kaffa

Often fabled as the birth place of Arabica Coffee, Kaffa, Ethiopia is the special province that this beautiful washed coffee comes from. You can expect juicy stone fruits in the cup that pair beautifully with its delicate jasmine florality and a sweet caramel finish that will leave you eager for your next sip.

The hallmark of this coffee is its complexity, offering hints of peach iced tea, milk chocolate and even a prevalent mango flavour. All of this is a result of its distinguished Ethiopian Typica varietal producing a unique flavour profile within the cherry that is pronounced when washed. This coffee’s aroma will fill the room as soon as it is ground, and can be enjoyed on both filter and espresso. The official coffee of the third National Egyptian Aeropress Championship we are delighted to share this beautiful Ethiopian coffee with you online, through subscription, and on bar at our shop Specialty Būn.

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