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Mohamed Ali Abdullah Al Haimi – National Yemeni Coffee Auction

800 EGP

Coffee history is intricately connected with the history and culture of Yemen. Yemen is one of the world’s oldest and true origins of the Arabica coffee bean. With some of the world’s most unique flavours, Yemen has for a long time struggled to produce and receive global support for its coffee.

Last year Cairo Coffee Collective participated as 1 of 10 international judge’s for the first National Yemen Coffee Auction and after 6 hours of competitive we are proud that they have secured three lots.

Presenting you Muhammad Ali Abduallah Al Haimi’s Anaerobic Process Udaini varietal from Al Manakah which members of our team first got to taste last year, and has since left a mark in our hearts and minds. An absolute gem of a coffee this special lot is grown at 2100 metres and through the exceptional terroir and processing it has undergone shows some undeniable rose water, cherry syrup and hibiscus tea flavours in the cup. This coffee is full bodied and has an exceptionally sweet aftertaste that make it a stellar brew in the cup from start to finish. When we think if top tier Yemeni coffee, this is the profile that comes to mind, the undeniable florality, coupled with its pronounced stone fruits make Muammad Al Haimi’s coffee a Yemeni Hallmark.

We only secured 40 kg of this special coffee, so make sure to get it while it’s here!


125 Grams

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