Cairo Coffee Collective

Panama – Finca La Mula

650 EGP

To drink a Geisha from Panama is to tell time from a Patek Philippe or a Rolex- you must have an appreciation for the context, the heritage, the microclimate, and the specific conditions that brought this varietal from the forests of Ethiopia across the oceans to Costa Rica and then through to Panama. If you can’t be bothered, it isn’t for you. To drink a Naturally processed Geisha is to appreciate fine art- surely folly and fodder for the uninitiated, but, sophistication par excellence for those so inclined.

Finca La Mula Lot 212 is a Naturally processed Geisha, of which by the time we approved it at our lab in Cairo there were only 13 kg left. We promptly used express mail to transfer the nano-lot into Egypt.

This complex coffee is a beautiful representation of the much sought-after Panama Geisha that is often considered the ‘crown jewel’ of coffees.

At first grind, La Mula instantly pleases with haute parfumerie notes that would make any french perfumier blush. The Roses and Jasmines that perfume the perimeter while grinding deliver in the cup with extra pleasing suggestions of Lychee, and vanilla, all wrapped in something like an edible strawberry lotion. With all this delicacy, La Mula maintains a heavy body, delicate balance and sweet finish to the end

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