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old Sultan Qalawoon Espresso

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With the crescent of the month of Safar Al-Khair 750 years ago Sultan Al-Mansur Qalawun [d. 689 AH] inaugurated his magnificent architectural complex, after only three months of tireless construction work. One of the oldest Islamic architectural groups in Cairo, between the two palaces, in Al-Nahhasin, on Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah Street, SQ is blessed with the largest minaret in Egypt, towering over a mosque, a school and a hospital; vestiges surely to eliminate ignorance, disease, and a place for communal gathering & service.

At Cairo Coffee Collective we are inspired by the heritage of the city of Cairo, and are honored to weave threads of this richness into our coffee experience.

Like the rich brown tones and the hard citadel like stones of the building, Sultan Qalawoon Blend is a strong espresso. ​​Especially designed for espresso with milk, it presents a strong dark chocolate flavor with toffee and brown sugar in a rich creamy texture. This is classic espresso, from Cairo Coffee Collective.

Flavor Notes

Milk Chocolate, Toffee, Brown Sugar & Creamy Body


Coffee is sold as a whole bean in order to preserve its volatile aromatics (aroma). Our coffee goes through an extensive farming, picking, processing, roasting, and evaluation process to ensure that it can be served in Cairo in the best form it can be. Ground to serve is the best way to enjoy your coffee!

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500 Grams

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