Cairo Coffee Collective

Brazil – Santuário Sul (Espresso)

Fazenda Santuário Sul is a project born to disrupt the norm and challenge our understanding of Brazilian coffee. Led by @CarmoCoffees this farm presents a naturally processed Brazilian Geisha that on espresso is laden with red fruits, a vibrant acidity in a creamy and smooth body.

Geisha comes from the forests of Ethiopia, it managed its way across oceans to Costa Rica, found its way across South America, and inevitably to Brazil where it made a home at Santuáro Sul. Brazil is more commonly known for robust varietals that require lower altitudes and care like yellow bourbon and catuai. Carmo Coffees is really innovating and pushing the envelop with this coffee; and we are proud to always support new frontiers in coffee that challenge our understanding of varietals, terroir, processing, roasting and brewing.

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250 Grams

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